Signal Relief Reviews – Natural Pain Patch or Legit Scam?


Signal Relief is a pain relief patch that targets your body’s electrical signals to reduce pain.

You apply the patch to the part of your body where you are experiencing pain, and Signal Relief gently manipulates your body’s electrical signals to provide short-term pain relief.

Does Signal Relief really relieve pain? How does Signal Relief work? Find out everything you need to know about Signal Relief today in our review.

What is Signal Relief?

Signal Relief is a pain relief patch sold online through

By applying the patch to your body, you can purportedly lower inflammation, recover faster, and reduce stress within minutes. The patch uses neuro capacitive coupling technology to reduce pain without using drugs or other invasive solutions.

By interfering with your body’s electrical signals, Signal Relief can purportedly provide effective pain relief. Some people apply the patch daily and leave it on, enjoying long-term relief from pain.

Others use Signal Relief patches to help recovery, reduce stress, or enjoy other benefits.

As part of a winter 2020 marketing campaign, the Signal Relief makers promote the patches as stocking stuffers. As mentioned in the AP News, can buy the skin patches online, starting at $119 per patch.

Signal Relief can purportedly relieve pain in some people as effectively as NSAIDs and other traditional pain relief solutions. However, it may not work for everyone, which is why a 30-day refund policy backs the unit. You can request a complete refund within 30 days if Signal Relief does not relieve your pain.

How Does Signal Relief Work?

You apply the Signal Relief patch, and the patch relieves pain in minutes. The patch makers also claim the unit can lower stress, enhance recovery, and reduce inflammation without using drugs or chemicals.

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain. Many people resort to NSAIDs or other drugs to manage pain. Others never find true relief. Signal Relief markets itself to these people, suggesting it can be both a short-term and long-term solution for chronic pain.

Signal Relief‘s sales page is filled with stories of people who have experienced significant decreases in pain after using Signal Relief. Some people apply the patch to their head to relieve headaches or migraines, for example, while others apply it to their shoulders, knees, or other joints.

Each Signal Relief system can be used as an unlimited number of times. Your purchase comes with several adhesive patches that must be occasionally replaced. You attach the Signal Relief system to the adhesive patch, then apply the patch to your body. You can reuse the patch multiple times, although it eventually needs to be replaced after losing its stickiness.

Signal Relief Features & Benefits

The makers of Signal Relief advertise all of the following features and minutes:

  • Works in minutes to relieve pain and lower stress
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Relieves pain without the use of drugs, chemicals, or invasive solutions
  • Relieves pains, aches, and injuries while eliminating chronic pain
  • Works on your knees, elbows, shoulders, feet, head, and other body parts

The Technology and Science Behind Signal Relief

So far, we’ve explained a lot about the benefits of Signal Relief – but not much about how the system actually works.

So how does Signal Relief work? Let’s take a closer look.

The Signal Relief system consists of five layers. These layers use neuro capacitive coupling technology to eliminate chronic pain and reduce pain in minutes.

The five layers of Signal Relief include:

  • Clear waterproof protection
  • Two layers of micro-nano capacitors
  • Signal Relief technology
  • Ultra-soft touch

The clear waterproof protection layer protects the outside of the device from the elements, allowing you to use Signal Relief in the rain. The soft-touch layer, meanwhile, makes the system comfortable to use against your skin.

All five layers contain billions of micro-nano capacitors that relieve pain. A capacitor is a small particle that conducts electricity. These capacitors interact with your body’s natural electricity, interfering with pain signals and clearing communication, helping relieve pain.

If you don’t know what a micro-nano capacitor is or how neuro capacitive coupling technology works, then that’s okay.

Neuro capacitive coupling is based on the idea that electrical stimulation can control pain. In this 2009 study, researchers compared the chronic pain relief of NSAIDs to the chronic pain relief of electrical stimulation and found they were comparable. Researchers concluded that “capacitive coupling electrical stimulation controls pain in some patients and reduces the use of NSAIDs.”

Signal Relief is based on a similar concept. The unit has billions of nano capacitors that interact with your body’s natural electricity, potentially reducing pain in the targeted area.

According to the Signal Relief website, their technology was originally developed for the United States Navy SEALS, which used the system to clear static and enhance reception for communication devices. Today, that same technology reduces electrical interference in your body, clearing up the pain.

Overall, there’s limited information online about how Signal Relief works. Here’s how the manufacturer explains the pain relief system:

“By embedding billions of nano capacitors into a flexible circuit, [Signal Relief] can passively interact with the neural network to alleviate all kinds of pain…”

Signal Relief also seems similar to Kailo, a Utah-based startup company that promises similar pain relief benefits. Kailo interacts with your body’s electrical system to neutralize pain, using similar technology to Signal Relief.

Beyond that, we can’t say much else about how Signal Relief works or what it does. The device interacts with your body’s electricity to relieve pain. It works on some people – but not others.

Fortunately, all purchases come with a 30-day refund policy, allowing you to receive a complete refund within 30 days if you are unhappy with the pain relief.

How to Use Signal Relief?

Signal Relief is straightforward to use. You take the Signal Relief device, apply the adhesive patch to the device, and then place the patch on your body where you want to relieve pain.

Here’s how the manufacturer recommends using the system:

Step 1) Start by using the Signal Relief to ‘scan’ your body for pain relief. Place the device over different parts of your body to identify where it relieves pain. You might find it works best on your lower back, for example, or on a specific area of your head or neck for migraines.

Step 2) Once you’ve found the best spot for Signal Relief, peel the liner off the back of the tape strip of the adhesive patch, then apply the tape strip to the Signal Relief device.

Step 3) Peel the liner on the opposite side of the adhesive patch to reveal the sticky backing that goes against your skin.

Step 4) Place the Signal Relief patch on your body, then leave it on for as long as needed to relieve pain.

Step 5) Remove the Signal Relief patch and clean the adhesive backing. Wipe the backing with a damp cloth, then let it dry. The patch will retain its stickiness as it dries.

You can place the skin patch against your skin. Or, you can apply it to your clothing. The device purportedly works through clothing, providing drug-free pain relief even if it’s not directly contacting your skin.

Signal Relief Pricing

Signal Relief is priced at $120 to $140, depending on the size of the patch:

  • Tri-Fit 3.5″ Pain Relief Pain: $119.95
  • Signal Relief 4.5″ Patch: $139
  • 10 x 3.5″ Adhesives: $20
  • 10 x 4.5″ Adhesives: $20

Both skin patches come with free adhesives and a storage case.

Signal Relief Refund Policy

Signal Relief comes with a 30-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 30 days if Signal Relief does not completely relieve your pain.

Contact the company to initiate the refund process.

Who’s Behind Signal Relief?

Signal Relief is a Rexburg, Idaho-based company. You can learn more about the team and the individuals behind it on the About Us page here.

You can contact Signal Relief via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (833) 572-0403

Final Word

Signal Relief is a pain relief patch available online through You apply the patch to different parts of your body to relieve pain, and the device works nearly instantly to relieve pain.

Although Signal Relief may not relieve pain in everyone, some people use Signal Relief as an alternative to NSAIDs and other pain relief solutions. You may be able to use Signal Relief to relieve migraines, joint pain, and other issues.

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